Save Time and Your Phone with Wireless Charging for HTC One

Don’t waste any more of your life – or your phone’s! – with old-fashioned, clumsy charge cables. Sense Wireless are leading the charge towards more convenient, more sensible phone charging technology, with our wireless charging pads for the HTC One M8 now available in our online store. These charge pads eliminate the need to always use fiddly charge cables to plug in and recharge your smartphone. Simply place the phone on the stylish wireless charging pad and the charging process will begin immediately.

Join the wireless revolution with Qi-enabled phones like the HTC One

Be one of the first to take advantage of the powerful new Qi technology for wireless charging of devices. Major electronics manufacturers are already making the switch, building Qi compatibility into all of their latest models of phone, smartwatch and even electric cars! This includes the HTC One M8, so if you’re currently using that phone, congratulations! Just pick up our charging pads today and get wireless straight away. Even if you use a different model or make of smartphone, almost all major phone brands are now suitable for wireless charging; check our site or the manufacturers to find out if yours is compatible.

Let the Sense charging pad be your new most fashionable accessory

Offering a massive aesthetic improvement over ugly plastic and rubber cables, Sense Wireless make sure that our wireless charging pads aren’t out of place in a modern, style-conscious home or workplace. Available in a variety of warm, tone-matched wood finishes, our HTC One wireless charge pads fit seamlessly into any existing decor and provide a clutter-free, elegant solution for your phone charging needs. Enjoy the convenience and ease of instant phone charging, and save your phone’s internal components from the wear and damage of constant plugging and unplugging cables. Buy into the Sense Wireless revolution online today.