Take Advantage of Australia’s Leading Wireless iPhone Charger

Have you heard the buzz around wireless charging yet? The next big advancement in personal electronics, wireless chargers make it so much easier to use smart phones, smart watches, laptops, and even electric cars! Leading smartphone manufacturers have been considering wireless charging in their designs for years – all you need to do to unlock that potential today is purchase wireless charging pads from Sense Wireless: the sleek, easy, safe, and convenient solution to keeping your iPhone charged. All of Sense Wireless’s products conform to the new Qi standard, which makes them compatible with any of the long list of devices which are also Qi-charge-compliant. So, pick one up online today to make sure you keep up with this wireless charging revolution!

wireless charge iphone receiver case

Easily upgrade your iPhone to be Qi-ready with our wireless charger accessories

Qi technology is a standard available to all manufacturers equally, and Apple is no exception. Though the current model iPhones are not able to take advantage of wireless charging in their stock, factory state, all it takes to complete the conversion is a simple, affordable accessory. Sense Wireless’s very own wireless receiver case can instantly convert any iPhone 6 or 6S into a Qi-compliant smart device, all without endangering the phone or requiring any technical knowledge. Simply slip on our attractive, sturdy, and feature-rich phone case and be instantly able to take advantage of our wireless charge pads. Australia Post are also offering Sense Wireless customers free shipping on domestic orders over $60 – so if you order the wireless receiver case and wireless charging pad together for your iPhone, you can save big!

Discover the pure ease of using a wireless iPhone charger

As those using it quickly come to appreciate, wireless charging technology improves the experience of using your device in a number of small but needed ways. You can use your device easily during the charge cycle without the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging a power cord. This also protects your phone’s internal components from the stress of such consistent force. Plus, in a range of natural timber finishes and sleek designs, Sense Wireless charging pads fit the look and feel of a stylish modern home, far more than tacky plastic cables. Convert today, see why this is the best solution to take your iPhone usage to the next level.