LG Nexus and G4 Wireless Chargers are Upgrading Your Phone

LG smartphone owners, the future is calling you now. Get on the wireless charger train today and take advantage of the powerful new Qi wireless power standard with a bit of help from Sense Wireless. LG have been pushing towards this technology for years, with their Nexus 4, 5, and 6 models all capable of charging using a Qi device, as well as the beautiful leather-backed LG G4 smartphone. If you’re the proud owner of any of these LG handsets, then all you need to do to complete the transition to wireless is order one of Sense’s amazing charging pads today!

Our wireless charger protects and enhances the LG Nexus

The entire history of smartphone development has been driven by innovations in convenience, and LG as a manufacturer has always maintained a strong appreciation for the user experience. Sense are only pushing these intensely usable devices further down their path as we introduce our “instant touch” wireless charging, removing the stress, clutter, and risk of charging cables forever.

Until you’ve experienced it for yourself you may not realise how blissfully easy it is to simply place your phone on our beautifully-finished charge pads and have it immediately connect to the power source; no need to fiddle with cables and risk damaging your phone’s components, connecting and disconnecting cables as you need to use it. Now, instead, your charging routine is literally pick up and put down – a futuristic vision which you’ll appreciate more with each day you use it.

The look of tomorrow to electrify any home or office

Even the most hard-headed phone user can appreciate a clean look and polished aesthetic, and Sense Wireless believe our phone charging pads should be as carefully designed as the handsets they support. We hope that you will make the wireless charger for your LG Nexus part of your home for years to come, so we have designed it to fit seamlessly into any modern interior. Currently available in a variety of tones, our charge pads each bear a warm, natural timber finish, giving them contemporary chops. Replace that worn and tired rubber cable with our sleek, wireless charger for a neater bedside arrangement, and start benefiting from Qi today!