Buy Qi Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Pad for Galaxy S6 and S7

If you’re tired of cords and cables going missing or cluttering up your space, there is now a far better solution for the perennial problem of how to charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Qi is the wireless charging standard currently sweeping through all areas of the tech industry, and many modern smartphone models can take advantage of it for fast, cable-free charge times – through the use of Sense Wireless’s sleek charge pads. Available now in a variety of beautiful styles with natural timber finish, these charge pads look incredible and give you the easy, wireless smartphone experience you deserve.

Qi technology offers wireless charging

As the leading wireless power charging technology, Qi is being integrated into everything from cars to watches to smartphones. Samsung have made sure their Galaxy smartphones have been Qi-enabled for a while now, with Sense Wireless carrying wireless charging pads compatible with both the S6 and S7 Galaxy models. In fact, our wireless mobile phone chargers can even be used to charge the older Samsung Galaxy S5 model; all you have to do is upgrade it with a receiver card, which you can also order from Sense Wireless.

Join the wireless charging revolution and fit out your home with phone charging pads

There’s no better time to pick up a mobile phone charging pad from Sense Wireless, with more and more devices now enabled for Qi wireless charging technology. Make your phone more convenient instantly as you take it on and off charge without struggling with a cable and potentially wearing down its interior components. Order a Qi-compliant Sense Wireless charging pad in Rose Timber or Gold Bamboo online today and take advantage of our incredible sale prices. We also stock wireless charging accessories for Apple iPhones and other leading phone manufacturers, so shop around and find the one that’s right for you.