SENSE Wireless F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wireless Charging?
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Does wireless charging affect of charge port?
One of the biggest benefits of wireless charging is that you do not need to frequently use the charge port.  This means the irritating issue of wear and tear of the charge port won't occur as quickly.
No more having to plug it in a certain way and having to apply different pressure!

How long does the wireless charging pad take to charge?
This depends on the type of device, the size and age of the battery and the thickness of a case (if one is fitted to your device).
However as a rule of thumb, it can take a bit longer to charge than a direct connection.  (Stay tuned for our high speed wireless chargers!)
This is ideal if you charge your phone at night when you're sleeping or if you spend a lot of time driving.

Why does my device gets quite hot when using the wireless charger?  Is it okay for my battery.
Wireless charging does cause more heat than a direct connection but this is generally not enough to cause any issues (unless you are using a certain flammable phone we've been reading about lately!).

Is my phone compatible with Wireless Charging?
More and more devices are being released with the capability to charge wirelessly.
Whilst many of the latest Android devices have wireless charging capability, Apple products however do not (Click here to check out our wireless receiver case for iPhone).
If you are unsure whether your phone has built-in wireless capability, check our List of Known Compatible Devices or alternatively the manufacturer's website should help.