Wireless Charging - How it works?


To put it simply...

  • 1.  The charging pad has a special coil built into it.

    Wood charger with coil
  • 2.  Your phone also needs to have this special coil.

    samsung galaxy s5 wireless receiver card
  • 3.  The electromagnetic field of both coils need to crossover.

    wood wireless charger and samsung phone work together wireless charging
  • 4.  Wireless charging then begins to work its magic!

    samsung galaxy s5 wireless charging


A little bit more detail

Wireless Charging transfers electrical power via induction to your device without the need to directly connect it to the charging source.


  • The wireless system comprises of a power transmission pad (wireless charging pad) that contains a coil with a magnetic field.  The compatible receiver in a portable device (wireless receiver) also contains a coil.
  • When the coil in the receiver gets close enough to the magnetic field of the coil in the charging pad, it gets "excited" and begins to recharge your device.
  • Your wireless enabled device begins to charge simply by placing it onto the wireless charging pad.

Ease and convenience has never been more simple.
SENSE Wireless brings you this technology.