Receiver Card for Galaxy S5

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Prepare for the Future with a Wireless Receiver Card for Galaxy S5

You can engage in the wireless revolution today, even without buying a new phone. Since the Galaxy S6, Samsung has been developing their smartphones to be innately compatible with the newest advancement in electronic technology: Qi wireless charging. This is the technology which Sense Wireless – along with Tesla, Apple and other leading electronics manufacturers – are incorporating into our products, allowing smartphones and other devices to recharge their batteries without having to plug into an adapter or other power source. Unfortunately, the previous Samsung phone – the legendary Galaxy S5 – cannot take advantage of Qi wireless charging alone. But that doesn’t mean you need to discard your trusty handset just yet.

A wireless receiver card to turbo charge your Galaxy S5

Sense Wireless have found a way to extend the life of the Galaxy S5 and future-proof it. Now it can be united with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and S8 to recharge wirelessly from our Qi charging pads. The Sense Wireless Receiver Card is a slim, minimal addition to your smartphone which fits seamlessly to the S5’s battery, giving it the ability to use wireless charging without altering its external appearance. Better yet, the charge port remains intact and available to use for when a wireless charging option is not available. The wireless receiver card leaves your Galaxy S5 compatible with any charging device working on the Qi standard.

Maintain your own style with our internal receiver card

At Sense Wireless, we understand that nobody wants the fashion or function of their phone to be sacrificed in order to utilise Qi charging technology. We have made the wireless receiver card to fit seamlessly inside the case of the Galaxy S5, attached to the battery of the phone. You can maintain the unique style and look of your S5 while equipping yourself for the wireless charging future.

While this wireless receiver card is currently only available to use with the Samsung Galaxy S5, those who own other non-Qi-compatible phones should keep their eyes out for future product announcements. Sense Wireless are dedicated to bringing the new standard in charging technology to as many devices as possible.


Model Number: WT-S5-M (Samsung Galaxy S5)
Wireless Standard: Qi (compatible with all Qi-enabled charging pads)
Charging Voltage: DC 5V, 0.5-1.0A
Charging Frequency: 110 - 205kHz
Charging Efficiency: up to 75%

RCN Compliance Compliance

Type: Receiver

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