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NOT REQUIRED FOR iPhone 8/8-Plus/X - These phones have built-in wireless charging capability

6/6S/7 Plus size currently unavailable

The future is now for smartphone owners everywhere. Qi, the new international standard for electric charging technology, signals the dawn of a truly wireless age, one where the clutter and inconvenience of different charge cables is left behind and easy, seamless, wireless charging becomes the norm. You can be a part of this future today if you own an iPhone 6, 6S or 7; Apple have built these smartphones with new technology in mind, and you can effortlessly upgrade them to allow wireless charging by simply adding a wireless receiver phone case from Sense Wireless.

A non-invasive, easy, and safe way to upgrade your iPhone at home

Ordinarily, Sense Wireless would never recommend attempting to modify or upgrade your iPhone at home; modern smartphones are very finely tuned, and interfering with them could affect Apple’s ability to provide service on future faults. But our wireless receiver case is a worry-free accessory; working just like a normal phone case, it wraps around your phone externally and connects to the Lightning port to provide instant compatibility with all Qi-compliant devices. You won’t need a single tool and you never compromise the phone’s integrity – proving that you don’t have to risk anything to win big.

Our stylish phone case excels in form as well as function

The non-invasive phone case form is what allows our wireless receiver case for iPhone to be so successful, but it also challenges our design team to do better. Sense Wireless understands that smartphone owners aren’t happy sacrificing the looks or functionality of their device – they want both in equal measure. Our wireless receiver case wraps the iPhone 6 or 6S with a firm, protective coating to absorb shocks, drops and bumps without damage. Available in two stunning variants, Onyx Black and Cosmic White, you can match or contrast the natural colours of your iPhone with those of the case. To save you the trouble of taking the case off to use the Lightning port, the case has a detachable connecter which can be removed independent of the case to make the Lightning port accessible.

Compatible with all wireless charging pads following the "Qi" wireless standard.



Model Number: WT-IP6 (6/6S); WT-IP7 (7)
Wireless Standard: Qi (compatible with all Qi-enabled charging pads)
Charging Voltage: DC 5V, 0.5-1.0A
Charging Frequency: 110 - 205kHz
Charging Efficiency: up to 75%
Size (mm): 140 (L) x 70 (W) x 9 (T)

RCN Compliance Compliance


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