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Compatible with all Qi-wireless phones; including iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.
No additional accessories required!
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Comes in two stylish colours; Golden Bamboo and Rose Timber.
The rich, aureate colour of the Golden Bamboo finish offers a pure, yet crisp look that is in harmony with wherever it is taken.
It is perfect for such times as when you lay in bed after a long day of work or festivities. Simply place your phone onto the Golden Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad as it rests on your night stand and never again need to worry about plugging in.


The polished, seamless texture of the Rose Timber finish, along with its hard brown colour and streaks, will blend in any place with subtlety and finesse.
It is perfect for such moments as while you are reading a book or watching your favourite show on TV.  Simply place your phone on the Rose Timber Wireless Charging Pad as it rests on your coffee table and never again need to worry about plugging in.


What comes in the box:
- Charging Pad (hand-made from real bamboo and timber)
- USB cable
- Instruction booklet



Model Number: WT-500 (Bamboo), WT-510 (Timber)
Wireless Standard: Qi (compatible with all Qi-enabled devices)
Input Voltage: DC 5V, 2.0A
Output Voltage: DC 5V, 1.0A
Charging Frequency: 110 - 205kHz
Charging Efficiency: up to 75%
Charging Distance: up to 10mm

Diameter: 90mm
Thickness: 11mm

Weight (of Charging Pad): 63g (Bamboo), 68g (Timber)

NOTE - Charging Pad requires external power source.

RCN Compliance Compliance


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Type: Charging Pad

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